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GEISA-2015 format for absorption cross-sections

1.Header :

The nine first lines of each file define the header describing data parameters.

Parameter Molecule Temp Pressure Resol Ref Nbline WnMin WnMax
Fortran descriptor (values) A20 F6.2 F9.2 F8.4 A15 I9 F11.4 F11.4
Undefined values     -99999.99 -9.99        

2.Data format :

For a given molecular species, each file describe absorption cross-section data corresponding to :
  - a given temperature in K,
  - a given pressure in Pa (which could be unknown),
  - a given resolution in cm-1 or nm (which could be unknown),
  - some references.
In the spectral range WnMin – WnMax (cm-1).

A compressed cross-section file is named “xxxx_rrrr_[yyyy]_tttt_pppp.asc.gz” where :
  - xxxx represent the name of the molecule,
  - rrrr the resolution,
  - yyyy the reference(s),
  - tttt the temperature,
  - pppp the pressure.
Example of a file name : cfc-14_00.01_[19]_216.00_005012.93.asc.gz

Parameter Wavenumber
Absorption cross-section
(cm2 mol-1)
Field length 13 11
Fortran descriptor F13.6 E11.3

To see how to read the GEISA-2015 cross-section sub-database, look at the fortran code : read_CS_G15.f90