ESPRI Data Centre (former Ether)

ESPRI is a data centre of the French Atmosphere Infrastructure AERIS
ODIN satellite

SMR instrument : Sub-millimeter Microwave Radiometer


      The Swedish SMR instrument, developed jointly with France and Finland, was launched on 20 February 2001 on board the Swedish mini-satellite, ODIN . This microwave receiver operates in the millimetre range at around 119 GHz and in the sub-millimetre range between 480 and 580 GHz (although to date only sub-millimetre measurements have been analysed). Aimed at the limb of the Earth's atmosphere it records emission spectra of important molecules such as ozone and its isotopes, chlorine monoxide, nitrous oxide, nitric acid, water vapour and its isotopes and carbon monoxide.

Product information

      Two types of SMR/ODIN data have been available from Ether since 21 August 2001:

      - Spectrum (level 1) and vertical profile (level 2) data relating to the official data products generated by the ODIN project team (PDC/Chalmers);

      - Vertical profile data (level 2) corresponding to non-official data products from the Laboratoire d'AĆ©rologie in Toulouse, accessed from Ether using the MOLIERE software.

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