ESPRI Data Centre (former Ether)

ESPRI is a data centre of the French Atmosphere Infrastructure AERIS
ERBS satellite

SAGE II instrument: Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment II


      The SAGE II instrument was developed by NASA to provide the scientific community with a global, long-term description of the distribution of aerosols, ozone, water vapour and NO2. It thus provides a unique and crucial database for improving our understanding of global, seasonal and inter-annual climate variability and, in particular, trends in stratospheric ozone.

      Two types of SAGE II data are available from Ether dating from 24/10/1984 on; data related to NASA's official data products: level 2 vertical profiles and ancillary data for temperature, pressure, density and coordinates.

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      Two types of data are available on Ether from 1984-10-24, data from the official NASA production: vertical profiles (level 2) and correlative data of temperature, pressure, density and coordinates.

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Data available on Ether

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