ESPRI Data Centre (former Ether)

ESPRI is a data centre of the French Atmosphere Infrastructure AERIS
UARS satellite

HALOE instrument: Halogen Occultation Experiment


      The HALOE instrument was launched on the UARS satellite from the Discovery space shuttle on 15 September 1991.HALOE uses solar occultation to measure simultaneous vertical profiles of Ozone (O3), Hydrogen Chloride (HCl), Hydrogen Fluoride (HF), Methane (CH4), Water Vapor(H2O), Nitric Oxide (NO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Temperature, Aerosol Extinction at 4 infrared wavelengths, Aerosol composition and size distribution versus atmospheric pressure with a 1.6 km instantaneous field of view at the Earth's limb.

Products information

      Three types of data provided:

      • level 2 , lastest version provided: V19
      • level 3AT, lastest version provided: V19
      • correlative data: geopotential, meridional and zonal wind, humidity, temperature, lastest version provided: V2 (geopotentiel, temperature) and V1 (others) from 1991-09-12 to 1993-12-31.

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