MEGAPOLI Data Policy and Data Protocol
According to Ether policy the exchange of data and products are of free access for scientific usage. The MEGAPOLI Data Base and services represent a great interest for the international scientific community, so it is our philosophy to maximize the scientific use of the observations and to have a large scientific output in atmospheric and climate research.

Candidate users are invited to sign the MEGAPOLI data protocol which commits themselves on four obligations :
«Data used have been produced in the frame of the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme FP/2007-2011 within the project MEGAPOLI,grant agreement n°212520, with additional support of the French ANR and LEFE/CHAT MEGAPOLI-PARIS projects. The authors acknowledge Ether the French data centre for atmospheric chemistry, created and co-directed by CNES (the French Space Agency) and INSU-CNRS (National Institute of Sciences of the Universe) to support the MEGAPOLI database.»

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