ESPRI Data Centre (former Ether)

ESPRI is a data centre of the French Atmosphere Infrastructure AERIS

Software on the Ether website

Ether provides a number of software packages to help users understand or use the data. These may be either downloadable programs or software which can be activated through the Ether interface. Users download software at their own risk.

Downloadable software :'Normalisation software' :
The 'Normalisation' service provides an interface for downloading a number of tools including all the data readers for the Ether experiments, unit conversion programs and variable transformation programs.
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Interactif software : 'UARS day converter' :
UARS day converter is designed for converting UARS day to a real date. UARS day was the number of days since the launch of UARS.
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On-line processing software :These softwares are subject to strict terms of use
'The Arletty and Arletty_Batch software' :
The Arletty and Arletty_Batch software enable a user to calculate temperature and pressure profiles for any point on the globe. It uses data from the European Centre. 
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'Mimosa software' :
Mimosa software enables a user to compute MIMOSA advection model.
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Last update : 2017/12/20
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