ESPRI Data Centre (former Ether)

ESPRI is a data centre of the French Atmosphere Infrastructure AERIS
UARS satellite

MLS instrument: Microwave Limb Sounder


      The MLS instrument was launched on the UARS satellite from the Discovery space shuttle on 15th September 1991. MLS measures several atmospheric chemical species (OH, HO2, H2O, O3, HCl, ClO, HOCl, BrO, HNO3, N2O, CO, HCN, CH3CN, volcanic SO2), cloud ice, temperature and geopotential height to improve our understanding of stratospheric ozone chemistry.

Product informations

      Two types of data provided:

      • 3AT : temporal selection, lastest versions available: V4 (HSO2, UTH) and V5. From 1991-09-19 to 1999-07-28, according to the component.
      • correlatives data: geopotential, meridional and zonal wnid, humidity, temperature.
        lastest versions provided: V2 (geopotential, temperature) and V1 (others) from 1991-09-12 to 1993-12-31.

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