ESPRI Data Centre (former Ether)

ESPRI is a data centre of the French Atmosphere Infrastructure AERIS
ODIN satellite

OSIRIS instrument : Odin Spectrometer and InfraRed Imager System


      The Canadian OSIRIS instrument was launched 2001 on the Swedish mini-satellite ODIN on 20 February. It mainly gathers data on the ozone and nitrogen dioxide present in the Earth's atmosphere and consists of a joint spectrograph/imager which scans the limb of the Earth's atmosphere to obtain measurements of emission spectra from the ultraviolet to the infrared.

Product information

Data available from Ether

      One type of data can be accessed for OSIRIS, level 2, No2 and O3 vertical profiles .
      The access to OSIRIS data is restricted. Please, click on "Login Request" (at the bottom of this page) if you wish to obtain these data.

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Last update : 2017/12/20
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